the universe unraveled based on Walter Russell

the universe unraveled based on Walter Russell

'This is a man age. To make a business grow begin growing men. We are all one brotherhood. We have but one thought, one creed, mutual helpfulness to each other.'

Atomic suicide? Walter and Lao Russell (cfr. IBM)

Fluid mechanics

EnlightenmentPosted by Hanne Tue, May 05, 2015 15:22:47

The following youtube video is showing two opposing vortices that are made by motion (a circular disk (ceramic plate) is dragged through the water). They belong to the same structure and are made by loss of inertia. What you can't see is the connection under water that is half of a donut that keeps them together. They seem to have different spins but they are actually connected and when you go through the first one towards the second one you will notice that you will not have to change direction. They are centered by what Walter Russel would call two polar extensions of Mind.

The image above is showing the vortices with their individual spin and their connection.

The 2 images below, are showing a cross section of a vortex. The first cross section is the result of cutting the torus not going through the middle hole (like in situation nr. 2). The second image is a cross section cutting through the middle of the torus (like in situation 1). You can actually see the different layers of the vortex that are the locked potentials as described by Walter Russell.

The last image on the right is showing a simplified model of the vortex motion. It is only showing the compression vortices. In reality every compression vortex is accompanied by a radiation vortex.

Go to : to see the simplified model in action.

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What magnets are

EnlightenmentPosted by Hanne Tue, May 05, 2015 08:47:12

The video shows how in the center of a ring magnet there is a perfect little sphere. What is interesting about this sphere is that is is not a tangible 3D object although it looks like one. It is a holographic projection. This is exactly what Walter Russell teaches when he explains how everything starts in a plane and how Mind is building patterns (of ideas) - to me that is what the sphere in the video is - that are projected outward to become visible.

The man in this video also explains how magnetism is a force in motion as a result of the loss of inertia. In some other videos he explains how gravity does not exist and how there is in reality NO south and north pole, what the difference is between a sphere (which is a mass with no coherence) and a magnet (which has coherence), and what polarity is. He emphasizes the duality of things and how there is no such thing as a point but there is a point-line... how a point and a line, a circle and a sphere are Fibonacci is fitting into this.

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Happy Holidays

EnlightenmentPosted by Hanne Wed, December 24, 2014 18:17:56

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Symphatetic vibrations

EnlightenmentPosted by Hanne Fri, June 06, 2014 18:49:48

"If we live in a sympathetic field we become sympathetic, and a tendency from the abnormal to the normal presents itself by an evolution of a purely sympathetic flow towards its attractive centres. It is only under these conditions that differentiation (discord) can be broken up, and a pure equation [harmony, health, oneness, peace] established."

John W. Keely

Eric Whitacre illustrates this principle leading a virtual choir of more than 2000 singers from around the world. Listen to the first two minutes of his work at the end of the video and you will notice that there are no words to describe its beauty ...

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