the universe unraveled based on Walter Russell

the universe unraveled based on Walter Russell

'This is a man age. To make a business grow begin growing men. We are all one brotherhood. We have but one thought, one creed, mutual helpfulness to each other.'

Atomic suicide? Walter and Lao Russell (cfr. IBM)

Nasa discovered in 2011 that energy is leaking out of the earth's ionosphere - Really?

Walter RussellPosted by Hanne Tue, December 22, 2015 19:37:21

Walter Russell described this phenomenon in his warning letter concerning atomic fission, where he stated that there is no safe place 'out in the open' when a bomb explodes. The point of explosion is only the beginning of a never ending motion of 'destruction'.
Below excerpt of Walter's writings on this topic, courtesy of the University of Science and Philosophy.

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