The universe unraveled by HannaH

The universe unraveled by HannaH

“Bei allen zweifelhaften Fragen ist Glauben die Sache des Unwissenden, Entscheiden die des Halbgelehrten, Prüfen und Suchen die des wahren Kenners." Herr Professor Webers Erdinduktor.

Loop of force

Walter RussellPosted by Hanne Sat, June 04, 2016 10:53:25
A loop of force in an electric circuit is like a spiral nebula which occupies the amplitude position of the wave current. It centers every polarised unit of an electric current. It is the anode part of the wave.

Illustration below is a spiraling nebula which equals a loop of force in the electric current.

This is what Walter Russell would describe as a system. Systems are constructed of rings and spheres. The spheres are a result of implosions and those are gathering high potential which wants to explode. That is why Walter Russell is stating that atoms are not hold together by a centering force but instead want to explode. In fact everything in Nature wants to explode. This two way interchanging motion of implosion and explosion will create standing wave systems or resonante system which will become increasingly stronger with each move. Compare this to pushing someone on a swing. When you give him a push at the right time and at regular intervals, that person will go higher and higher with each push.

Nature is contineously interchanging explosions with implosions by turning inside out and outside in. This is how systems oscillate. Not by vibrating around an extended pole but by withdrawing the pole inward to its source and extending it out again. The cycle is turning inside out and outside in again. Forever.

Image below is showing how nature is imploding and exploding, each implosion will create a vacuum:

The strenght of the motion built up is the inverse of bouncing a ball on a surface and let the motion damp out. In a resonant system the motion is becoming stronger and stronger.

Which in 3D is actually a spiral motion:

Also see:!album-9-540

What is the purpose of this vacuum condition that is created by implosion?

According to Walter Russell: "that vacuum condition insulates the new pattern of motion from any other patterns of motion..."

As soon as an implosion vacuum is created which has inside it a tremendous potential, nature makes it explode to release the tension of that potential, creating an outward explosion which nature will eventually radar back to its Source where another vacuum is created which will explode again ....

Image below mechanism of implosion (red arrows) and explosion (blue arrows):

It can easily be seen where the points of control of the above system are and if you know that the image is a cross section of a wave, the points of control are nothing but cross sections of tubes or rings. The radius of that ring determines what kind of matter will be the result. Now inert gases or cathodes can be compared to rings with holes or space inside them. That is why Russell is stating that everything starts as a ring and it is the nature of electricity to squeeze the space out of those rings.

Image below, points of control of the above image.

Nature electrically divides it pressureless motionless light into two oppositely pressured lights of motion which we call the light spectrum. The interpenetrating half of the spectrum is red and the other half is blue. The inner core is red of its heat and the outer layers are the blue of space in which the red core projects its heat to expand it. The outer layers then cool it and create imprisoned bodies, whose sole desire is to escape imprisonment. According to Russell, beyond carbon the inner core reverses to blue.

Image below, shows how a hot body is growing "out of the blue" of cold space....

Image above taken from:
The spiral grows because the entrapped body wants to explode breaking away from the chains of its imprisonment as all imprisoned bodies do.

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