the universe unraveled based on Walter Russell

the universe unraveled based on Walter Russell

'This is a man age. To make a business grow begin growing men. We are all one brotherhood. We have but one thought, one creed, mutual helpfulness to each other.'

Atomic suicide? Walter and Lao Russell (cfr. IBM)

The RADAR principle

Walter RussellPosted by Hanne Fri, November 17, 2017 13:41:36

Cathode vs. anode, the outward explosion, creating the seed vs. the inward explosion, creating matter ...

The Radar principle, pulsing forward and back, is what creates the rings .. A series of 4 explosions need to occur before the sphere can be formed ... The center of the body, which is silence, will be extended to the body, creating a vacuity in the middle, making the sphere. The sound is caused by explosions, Sound is a body ... but sound will never become silence, because silence is, eternal zero, .... Sound on the other hand is but an effect ...

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