The universe unraveled by HannaH

The universe unraveled by HannaH

“Bei allen zweifelhaften Fragen ist Glauben die Sache des Unwissenden, Entscheiden die des Halbgelehrten, Prüfen und Suchen die des wahren Kenners." Herr Professor Webers Erdinduktor.


Walter RussellPosted by Hanne Wed, April 18, 2018 11:22:14

It is commonly believed that a magnet (which is a wave) has 2 poles but there are in fact 4 poles. There is east-west control (cathode) and north-south control (anode) and thus DUAL POLARITY.


Every point in the Universe is a fulcrum for the extension of thought patterns. The power or energy is in the fulcrum point not in the levers and every point in the Universe is the same point …

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