The universe unraveled by HannaH

The universe unraveled by HannaH

“Bei allen zweifelhaften Fragen ist Glauben die Sache des Unwissenden, Entscheiden die des Halbgelehrten, Prüfen und Suchen die des wahren Kenners." Herr Professor Webers Erdinduktor.


KnowledgePosted by Hanne Wed, October 24, 2018 16:18:56

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Fill in only if you are not real

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Posted by Hanne Fri, November 02, 2018 16:54:07

Hi Gabriel Lyrio, take a look at your FB friends requests :-)

Posted by Gabriel Lyrio Fri, October 26, 2018 08:54:53

I noticed some basic errors of ortography there, but there's no option of editing.
If you get interested in the information = talk to me.

Posted by Gabriel Lyrio Fri, October 26, 2018 08:43:40

Hannah, I've been in contact with Matt Presti, I'm helping promote the contents of the University of Science and Philosophy for free in my page "Light Is Consciousness"

Your work deserves attention.

I've been wanting to share some information with you concerning the Universal Octaves of the Phi Spiral creating the 5 Platonic Solids through the 3-6-9 Matrix. I want to see this in 3D, and thought you could be the one capable of discovering a way to simulate this process of fractal formation in real time.

I highly suggest you, just like I suggested Matt Presti, an opportinty of getting your work to receive way more recognition, by creating an Instagram page. I am offering a free promotion of your work in my page. If I "#repost" the contents of your page, you'll get plenty of followers everyday. For example, I created an account the other day, posted some mind blowing stuff, and shared it in my main page, which now has 60k of followers. I got 400 followers in one day, and I only promoted this page once with a single post until today. I can help you get many followers.

I have never gained money from my page, you'll see some posts of Sacred Geometry clothing there, but the store isn't even mine. I just made a deal with the owner, he offered me 4 pieces of clothings in exchange for 15 posts.

I will not gain any money by sharing your work, just attention, and I'd be doing what I like, that is to teach. So we can help each other through rhythimic balanced interchange. Ironic and beautiful.

Talk to me. Even if you don't want to create the page, I want to share with you some knowledge concerning the 24 reduced fibonacci numbers forming the regular polyhedra, and the fibonacci hexadecimal cycle connection with the Number 9 Fractal Code which forms the Seed of Life and Metatron's Cube. This cycle is obviously the basis which the ancients created our clocks, which is based on a 360° circle and double duodecimal and hexadecimal counting system of frequency of time measurement. This is the biorhythm of the pulsations of our solar system and DNA. It is all based on Vortex Mathematics. You can message me on Instagram @lightisconsciousness or @gabriellyrio369. You could also add me on Facebook if you ever create one.

I love your work so much. You blew my mind forever. I want to blow your too. Message me.