The universe unraveled by HannaH

The universe unraveled by HannaH

“Bei allen zweifelhaften Fragen ist Glauben die Sache des Unwissenden, Entscheiden die des Halbgelehrten, Prüfen und Suchen die des wahren Kenners." Herr Professor Webers Erdinduktor.

Torque and quasars and what is gravity?

KnowledgePosted by Hanne Mon, July 08, 2019 12:15:25



Taken into account the above, one should be able to answer the following question: "What is GRAVITY?"

Hint: According to Russell, Gravity is a cyclic force which causes the compression from cold into heat and the expansion from heat into cold …

Inward torque causes compression (heat) at poles and expansion (cooling) at equators and is cause of clockwise rotation while outward torque causes the opposite motion.

Next question: "What is the cause of gravity?" ...

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